How Long To Heat Your Banger/Nail Before Taking A Dab

How long should I heat my banger/nail before taking a dab?

This is a great question for someone who is new to dabbing. While you can use a normal lighter to enjoy a bowl of dry herb, using a dab rig to enjoy concentrates requires a special heating technique. There are many factors to consider in order to get the perfect temperature and a perfect dab.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the banger or nail between 350-400 degrees for full flavor vapor without combustion of the concentrate. If the temperature does not get hot enough, your concentrate may melt without vaporizing. If your concentrate begins to blacken, then you may have overheated the banger or nail.

Torches are one of the most essential tools needed to have a great dabbing experience. Since standard lighters will not heat your banger or nail to a temperature hot enough to properly vaporize your concentrate, torches come in handy as they can quickly produce heat up to 2000 degrees. You can find large table top torches as well as smaller travel-sized torches for dabbing on the go. 

Blazer Big Shot Torch 

Another common technique involves heating the the banger/nail for about 30 seconds with a torch, then let it cool down for another 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, slowly introduce the concentrate to the nail for smooth dab. For the best results, be sure to use a carb cap to allow for the lowest possible temperature while maintaining maximum flavor. Test times and temps that work best for you.

22mm Titanium Carb Cap

Remember, not all bangers and nails are not create equal - they can vary in size, material, density, etc. When using a foreign material or just beginning to dab, it is important to test using a small amount of concentrate until you find the right technique. 

Quartz Banger (like the 90° male banger below) are a great tool to use when dabbing. The quartz can handle and retain high heat before slowly cooling down. When dabbing with quartz, aim to find the perfect time in which to introduce your concentrates. Introducing your dabs to high heat may give you more smoke and a bigger hit, but it your concentrate will vaporize very quickly. Introducing the concentrate at a lower temperature will give you a longer lasting, more consistent hit. Try out both and see what works best for you. We find that heating for 20-30 seconds with a torch and waiting for about 10 seconds afterwards work best when smoking from a quartz banger. 

 Bucket Style Male 14mm 90° Banger

Titanium nails are long lasting and are commonly used by dab enthusiasts. When using titanium, we recommend heating for 30 seconds and around a minute of cooling. Expect awesome results from a sturdy titanium nail and never worry about it breaking or cracking. Always remember, a little experimentation is key when dabbing to perfection. 

Experiment and do not be afraid to try new dabbing techniques. We can only learn from past experience. Remember that in the world of concentrates, a little goes a long way - no need to throw a huge dab on your nail. You'll be a pro dabber in no time! 

Have you found the perfect technique for achieving the optimum dab temperature? Let us know in the comments! 

January 30, 2019 — Never Cached

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