Never Cached was founded in 2018 with a clear objective – providing our customers with the largest vaporizer and smoking goods selection paired with a seamless shopping experience. With that as our guiding mission statement, we strive to ensure our customers remain the top priority, with innovation and education at the heart of our approach.

We provide the very best customer service and always provide helpful telephone support. This ensures that our customers have immediate access to our "Vapor Experts" who can answer questions and provide guidance for each vaporizer purchase.

Please Vape Responsibly

We love vaporizers. We also test the products we promote to ensure they're the best quality possible. But let's be honest, vaping poses risks just like smoking does. Our disclaimer in the footer of every page on our website says it all. If you are pregnant or suffer from any health issues, we do not recommend vaping. Please also consult your physician before using a vaporizer. These devices are intended for adults aged 18 or older. So please vape responsibility.